Total Farm transparency

Know what
you’re eating

Trace your food back to the farm to ensure product quality from responsible farmers.

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How it works

Three steps to traceability.

  • 1. Choose your product

    Select which product you’d like to source back to its farm.

  • 2. Scan the QR Code

    Direct your smartphone camera at the packaging’s QR code.

  • 3. Get the results

    Discover the origin, growing location, processing date, and more.

Why Farm Tracer

Trust Through Transparency

  • Certified Responsible

    We only certify farms that emphasize responsiblity throughout their entire system of operations.

  • Quality Guarantee

    No more depending on misleading labels. Our seal of approval means the farm is doing it right.

  • Local Farm to Table

    Responsible farming leads to quality products. Eat confidently knowing where your food came from.

  • Support Humane Farms

    We only work with farmers who take pride in raising animals humanely. Our certified farms deliver fresh, local produce.

  • Humanely Grown

    We work exclusively with farms that pride themselves on raising their animals in a humane environment.

  • Complete Transparency

    Know everything about the farm, from the diet they feed their animals to their product’s carbon footprint.

About farmtracer

Connecting you to better farms

At FarmTracer, we partner with farms willing to be open about their process to ensure that consumers are getting top quality products. Our technological expertise gives responsible farmers a platform to showcase how they’re doing farming right — offering complete transparency and traceability to the end consumer.

By giving you a complete look into the farm’s process, you can be informed about what’s going into your body.

FarmTracer shares the information, you make the decision.

Get to know the team

Camille Allred (Founder)

FarmTracer was started with the objective to add value to the farm and the consumer. The Allred family recognized this disconnect between the producer, food safety, then consumer. The combination of Camille’s background of health and city life with the balance of Austin’s farm and work life was the perfect union to begin the process of getting FarmTracer. Austin was realizing how much information he was tracking and storing on his individual cattle and Camille was loving this knowledge with what she fed her family. This is how FarmTracer was designed. Austin has a matchless energy for business and drive to get things done. He has a bachelors degree in Business from Brigham Young University.

Camille has been in the health world as a coach and as a student. She has always been conscience of what she ate so when she married a farmer and saw first-hand the loved, time, and care that went into taking care of her food, she wanted the world to know more about their food too. She now raises four kids along with always finding new ways to make FarmTracer better by bringing in her unique perspective from not being raised on a farm.

Shaina Davies (CEO)

Shaina graduated with a bachelors in Elementary Education and loved working in the school district with parents and students. While staying home to raise her four kids she started to recognize the uniqueness in raising your kids on a farm and understanding how your food grows. While at college Shaina found an apple hundreds of miles away that was grown on their family farm by calling her dad and looking up a product number. This can be available to everyone and she want to share that opportunity to everyone. Being raised on a farm and being married to a farmer she understands the perspective of the farmer and the hard work that she wants to share with the world to help connect farmer and the rest of the world.


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